Designing and updating IT systems

Comprehensive servicing of data from Telecom Operators

The large scale of data, along with the various formats and scope, often makes it impossible to link information from different sources. The implementation of new, more advanced telecommunications services significantly impedes the correct interpretation of the available data. This situation causes a decrease in efficiency, despite the involvement of more officers for the analysis of data from Operators. Based on our many years of experience, Intrasoft-TSI has developed a System that will facilitate the work of the Authorised Institutions. The tool provides fast and reliable access to data from various Telecommunications Operators.

The BIO System

BIO is an intuitive and ergonomic tool for working with retention data collected by Telecommunications Operators:

  • It ensures the automatic generation of queries to operators and a function of automatic retrieval of sets of correlated information about connections, services, locations and the users of the connections.
  • It performs its functions independently of whether the retention data are the result of the services provided by mobile Operators, fixed-line Operators or independent internet access providers.
  • It ensures a high level of security. In order to analyse the use cases and to enhance the security of the System, significant events are logged and can be conveniently browsed by authorised persons. The data collected are the basis for the preparation of reports on the amount of queries and output data.
  • The System is accessed via a web interface, allowing officers to use standard software and hardware.
  • It provides data import for queries and exports query results in the most popular formats.

BIO solves the problems of:

  • a variety of interfaces and applications used by various Operators,
  • different methods of authentication: passwords, cards and certificates,
  • varied formats and range of data made available,
  • dispersed data,
  • the large scale of data to be processed,
  • the complexity of services (e.g. Call Transfer, conference calling, group calling, etc.),
  • the very rapid development and implementation of new telecommunications services,
  • long waits for data.

Properties of the solution

  • automatic execution of queries,
  • working with results,
  • managing users and permissions,
  • analysis of the results of the tasks,
  • audit of activities,
  • reporting.

Automatic execution of queries

Tasks are performed according to scenarios containing a series of elementary queries. This feature automates the activities of users and provides access to data from various Operators.
The complex tasks function allows you to perform a series of queries for all interesting data in one cycle, including subscriber data and location data.
In this way, BIO achieves the most important objective of the System, i.e. to provide easy access to a lot of data, regardless of the source.

Working with the results allows the user to easily access a set of correlated information about connections, services, locations and connection users by:

  • previewing completed tasks,
  • browsing results according to the parameters of tasks or case numbers,
  • previewing the results in analytical views, convenient for the user,
  • filtering the results by parameters,
  • using the results to perform further tasks,
  • printing results,
  • exporting to csv, xls and pdf formats.

Managing users and permissions allows any organisational structure to be mapped. Depending on the needs, a user may access the tasks and results of another member of the organisational unit, or only to their own tasks. In order to ensure full transparency of the actions of users, the roles of the auditor and the manager are also provided.

Safety and reliability

  • A high level of safety in all areas of the System.
  • The use of certificates and digital signatures for the authentication of Authorised Institutions and Operators, and to ensure the integrity and
    authenticity of data exchanged.
  • The audit logging functionality allows access events to sensitive data to be recorded, and features the convenient viewing of system events by authorised persons.
  • Reliable components of reputable suppliers and proven technologies.
  • The System is offered in a cluster configuration that ensures continuous operation 24/7/365.
  • Modular and cluster architecture allows the solutions to be fully tailored to the Customer’s needs.

System architecture

HI-AB Interface The binding legal considerations in force make it possible for Operators to share communications data available through the use of electronic interfaces. The BIO System uses the HI-AB interface, based on an interface designed and developed by ETSI standardisation organisation. Uplinking a new Operator to BIO via the HI-AB communication interface is simple and easy to implement. If the Operator’s interface is not compatible with the HI-AB specification, Intrasoft-TSI is ready to build appropriate adapters. The appropriate architecture provides for the easy expansion of the System with new interfaces from different Operators, guaranteeing to provide consistent and integral data.