Designing and updating IT systems

Control of Correspondence by Authorised Institutions

The System enables Authorised Institutions to manage, store and analyse data acquired from Telecom Operators in the legally mandated correspondence inspection tasks. The System has been fully designed and built by Intrasoft-TSI, all System functions are performed on the basis of software solutions using standard equipment.

The B2X System

The B2X System has all the features to meet the technical requirements for Authorised Institutions to quickly and easily launch a correspondence control.

The system allows you to work with a wide range of services of controlled correspondence:

  • voice,
  • VoIP,
  • SMS,
  • MMS,
  • access to packet networks,
  • access to the internet.

Properties of the solution

Communications with Telecom Operators’ Systems We ensure communications between the B2X System with the BX System (a product of Intrasoft-TSI) and other Systems equipped with the ETSI (LI-HI) interface. The B2X System remotely manages the monitored objects via the ETSI (LI-HI) interface.

In the absence of full compliance of the interfaces in the Systems located at the Telecom Operators, we will carry out the integration of these Systems with the B2X System.

Data management and correlation

  • The System is equipped with a central control unit with built-in mechanisms for managing all tasks in the System, including the implementation of claims commissioned by users.
  • It is responsible for correlating data from all services coming from Telecom Operators.
  • It includes advanced features of assigning recorded data to respective objects.
  • It provides for complementing the transmitted information with data from selected IT Systems of the Authorised Institutions.

Decoding and storing the content of messages

The content of controlled messages is:

  • stored in source form,
  • decoded,
  • stored in the decoded form,
  • after the termination of the dedication, it is automatically deleted after a pre-configured set time.

Analysis and presentation of data

The B2X System allows:

  • the analysis of the source data,
  • the analysis of the decoded data,
  • the presentation of data in a readable form.

The user-selected data is saved on automatically labelled CD/DVD/Blu-Ray carriers.

Logging and monitoring

  • The System stores all the logs from all of the critical components of the System.
  • The logs can be viewed according to defined filters and criteria.
  • The System provides full accountability of users’ operations.
  • All operations on the objects are recorded.
  • In order to ensure continuous operation, the System has been equipped with an advanced mechanism monitoring all key parameters of the System.


The high reliability of the B2X System at the level of 99.95% has been confirmed while working on a production platform operating without interruption for several years at one of the leading Polish Telecom Operators.

Scalability and performance

The modular architecture of the System allows its easy expansion regardless of the development of the Operator’s network and services, and independent of the increase in demand for the number of monitored objects.


The BX System’s advanced security mechanisms, in combination with the modular structure of the System, allow for its flexible configuration, enabling the highest security standards.

System B2X functional diagram