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Electronic document circulation

The Ambrozja System

Ambrozja is a specialised System for the electronic circulation of documents used to highly automate correspondence handling between telecommunications operators and Authorised Institutions.

The highly efficient and flexible architecture of the System is the result of many years of experience gained by our analysts and developers during the implementation of projects in the telecommunications market.

Properties of the solution

Ambrozja supports full handling of correspondence with
Authorised Institutions:

  • it allows incoming correspondence to be recorded,
  • it supports the process of creating replies,
  • it allows control of the replies sent.

RECEIVING CORRESPONDENCE The system allows the handling of mail coming in traditional paper form and as digitally signed electronic documents.

DOCUMENT SCANNING AND THE DESCRIPTION FEATURE The System allows large volumes of paper documents to be scanned automatically. It has a clear interface to support the description of scanned documents enabling them to be classified quickly.

EMAIL INTEGRATION The System offers the possibility of the direct forwarding of documents by email. An electronic document is automatically entered into the System after authenticating the sender with a digital signature, minimising the necessary operation of the Ambrozja System, and leading to a significant reduction in costs.

DOCUMENT CIRCULATION CONTROL Ambrozja has a powerful document control System. Throughout the mail handling process, the history of operations is created for all of the documents.

ASSISTANCE IN RESPONSE GENERATION The Ambrozja System supports the process of generating responses, thus eliminating the need to perform repetitive and time consuming tasks. The basic mechanisms supporting users are:

  • a template base
  • the automated generation of responses based on the System of telecommunications data retention SAR (an Intrasoft- TSI product). After the necessary adaptation, it is possible to use a third-party System.

TEMPLATE BASE Ambrozja has a database of templates, i.e. a set of answers to the most frequently asked questions. When preparing a response, the user can make use of readymade examples, significantly reducing the time required to generate the final document. The template base can be continuously expanded by the users, which allows the automation of work to continually improve, along with the uniformity of responses provided to the Authorised Institutions.

INTEGRATION WITH THE SAR SYSTEM Ambrozja automatically generates queries to the SAR on the basis of queries submitted by Authorised Institutions. The SAR billing information is automatically collected and included in Ambrozja as part of the response.

SENDING ANSWERS Ambrozja allows the dispatch process for documents to be controlled, ensuring a timely reply to any of the requests submitted to the System.

SENDING RESPONSES BY EMAIL Replies can be sent by email, in the form of encrypted and digitally signed documents.

SUPPORT OF THE PRINTING PROCESS In order to streamline the process of sending printed documents, the System allows mass printing and address labelling of responses. For each print job, the System automatically generates reports to facilitate the subsequent control of document dispatch.

Security of information

Ambrozja has advanced security features that, in combination with the modular structure of the System, allow its flexible configuration enabling compliance with the highest security standards.

The flexible user security module of the basic version provides:

  • Dual authentication – Domain Authentication (Kerberos) and secure SSL connection and a unique login and password for each user.
  • For the purposes of the GIODO (Inspector General for Personal Data Protection) audit, or for the requirements of the internal security policies – Ambrozja provides login access to the System, a complete history of submitted queries and responses.
  • Division of users into access groups.
  • Easy expansion with additional security mechanisms according to Customer requirements.


The System is constantly monitored through the NAGIOS platform, enabling rapid response to any potential failures. The System stability meets the SLA on a level of 99.5%.

Performance and scalability

The System’s performance depends only on the number of servers processing documents, and the I/O performance of the matrix System.

The System is able to handle more than 300,000 documents and responses, with the possibility of more than trebling that number. Ambrozja also has a significant speed of processing documents sent electronically (it is possible to upload multiple documents into the database per second).

System architecture

Ambrozja operates in client-server architecture. This proven solution allowed the creation of a stable and efficient System, ensuring comfort and high availability of the service.

The System operating environment consists of the following elements:

  • www interface server,
  • database server,
  • file server,
  • user workstations with a web browser and MS Office suite,
  • document scanning station.

Ambrozja users operate most of the features of the System using a web browser on a secure connection (SSL).

The communication with the mail server is carried out through IMAP and SMTP protocols.

Cryptographic functions are implemented with the PEM-HEART software.

The data used by the System, including descriptive data of documents are stored in a relational database.

Document files are stored in a separate structure in the file server storage space and made available only at the demand of authorised users.