Designing and updating IT systems

Comprehensive data servicing
in telecommunications networks

In today’s dynamic development of global telecommunications services, the analysis of telecommunications traffic data has become a new weapon against organised crime, including terrorism. This has resulted in the creation of the statutory obligation of telecommunications data retention by Operators, and of the selective sharing of information to Authorised Institutions.

The SAR System is a response to the needs connected with the acquisition, storage and sharing of retention data. Its reliability, performance and compliance with the requirements of the Telecommunications Act is a result of 11 years of Intrasoft-TSI specialists’ experience in the design and maintenance of Systems for the Authorised Institutions. The solution has been applied for many years by one of the leading Polish GSM Operators.

The SAR System (Streamline Access Repository)

The SAR System is a dedicated solution for mobile Operators, fixed line Operators and internet access providers for obtaining, storing and sharing:

  • teletransmission data:
    • CDR records (MOC, POC, MTC, SMO, SMT, CF, UCA, etc.),
    • records generated by the UMTS, GPRS packet networks,
    • data generated by other telecommunications services, such as MMSC, SMSC, CDMA, internet gateways for sending SMSes,
    • roaming records,
  • subscriber data,
  • location data.

It allows the preparation of breakdowns of connections based on the data collected in the System and retrieved from external Systems. Requests for personal data and location allow end-users and device data to be identified, taking into account the history of changes over time independently or in connection with the prepared connections breakdown.

The main advantages:

  • High quality of the services provided by the Operator to the Authorised Institutions.
  • Reliability and completeness of the information transferred.
  • High performance of loading and searching through large data repositories.
  • Configuration flexibility enabling support for new services and adaptation to regulatory changes.
  • Meeting of all of the requirements for the protection of personal data.
  • Scalability allowing solutions to be tailored to Customer requirements in terms of functionality, performance, and the maintenance of operating platforms.

Properties of the solution

  • Obtaining information from sources located in the infrastructure of the Operator.
  • Simultaneous execution of multiple queries on the breakdown of connections.
  • Identification of subscribers listed in the breakdown of connections.
  • Providing data on the location of zones within which the connection was made.
  • Integration with MS Office applications.
  • The client application is available via a web browser.
  • Registration of operations connected with the prepared data sheets and the activities of the users of the System meets the requirements for accountability.

The sources of data and the data supply to the System

The SAR System is equipped with flexible interfaces that make it easy to adapt it to data supplies from any source Systems of the Operators, taking into account:

  • the increase in the amount of data and the growing demand for processing requests from the Authorised Institutions,
  • expansion by data acquisition from new types of services whose dynamic development can be seen among Operators,
  • maintaining the continuity of online data collection without having to suspend operations,
  • fast support for new requirements resulting from changes to the Telecommunications Act.

Safety and reliability

  • A secure infrastructure that meets the highest standards of safety for the storage and retrieval of information.
  • 24/7/365 availability through the use of cluster architecture.
  • The possibility of online maintenance.
  • Backup and recovery without stopping operations.

System performance

  • The processing of information on the level of 100 GB per hour.
  • The architecture allows you to import 30 GB per hour, with the possibility of increasing the amount of data retrieved.
  • Compression mechanisms allow for the recovery of 40-80% of the original space taken by the retrieved information.
  • Making inquiries at the rate of several seconds to tens of seconds.

System architecture

The search is based on the core of the tree structure, which allows the simultaneous execution of queries for periods far exceeding the requirements of the legal regulations. Search requests are automatically propagated to the appropriate retention nodes managing the data of a particular type. This solution can minimise waiting time.

Modular design allows for unlimited expansion of the System, regardless of the direction of the development of the network and of the Operator’s services. The use of specialised adapters for source Systems and mediation processes for processing the retrieved data has made it possible to create a solution in which the main emphasis is placed on the possibility of extending the System as regard collecting and sharing data from new telecommunications services while maintaining high performance.