Designing and updating IT systems

Our CC System is an integrated IT system, which provides complete IT and telecommunication infrastructure needed for operating a call center. Its scalable architecture enables the system to be used by both small and big enterprises.

The system functional models allow for:

  • Operating centralised and distributed call centres;
  • Corporate security (user management, improving corporate applications, network security);
  • Secure remote  work;
  • Remote helpdesk.

The CC system is fully scalable. The modules can be freely linked and configured according to the Client’s needs:

  • VoIP server with authentication based on a LDAP server and support for the following protocols: H323, SIP, IAX2, connecting PSTN, ISDN 2+1, 30+2.
  • It also contains a call centre module adjustable to the Client’s needs.
  • Server for remote work based on the RDP and VNC protocols;
  • Remote work support through VPN IPSEC and PPTP;
  • LDAP based server storing all information on users (equivalent of  PDC/AD)
  • DHCP server facilitating security measures on the level of MAC Address;
  • DNS server with automatic, dynamic update of matching names and IP addresses from the DHCP server;
  • DNSC server for quick translation of the domain names of local computers and internet addresses;
  • TFTP server for automatic installation of client stations and starting VIP telephones;
  • File server with authentication based on the LDAP server;
  • Print-out server with authentication based on the LDAP server;
  • Proxy server with authentication based on the LDAP serve;
  • Firewall server with authentication on the level of MAC addresses, IP addresses, and connection with the LDAP server;  
  • Sever monitoring particular system elements;
  • Helpdesk console.

The system is built entirely using the open source software and thus requires no licence purchase, irrespective of the number of hardware or users. 

Fundamental advantages of our product :

  • Based on open source software and systems;
  • Simple administration and maintenance – low operating costs;
  • Module based architecture;
  • Possibility of expanding the system and integrating it with the Client’s existing systems;
  • Low costs of adjusting the system to the Client’s needs;
  • Flexible architecture which enables to adapt the already existing hardware.